Weekend Update

This past weekend was April’s Model Build Gathering. Earlier in the week, we discovered a new gunpla centric store located in our own very backyard of Fullerton. A few of us did recon visits to the shop and during the gathering we sent a few raiding parties. Quite a bit of work was done on kits this gathering, we were all so focused and in tuned with building that we didn’t even have time to break out rockband.


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March Model Build Gathering

This past weekend was the March Model Build Gathering held at Dan’s (Funaka) house. I brought my Saz over only to discover that the paint under the decals on the skirts I’ve been working on is again being eaten away. I’ve still yet to pinpoint the issue, but I spent my time at the gathering working on wiring up the Saz and trying out a few attempts at fixing the skirts.


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It’s really difficult not to get completely discouraged…

Weekend update with pictures from the build gathering, pictures of Manny’s finished 1/4 scale Ayane kit, and of course some Saz progress. What does this have to do with the rather morbid title. Well, it has everything to do with the Saz progression. I’m sure it’s a problem not often discussed, and if it is, there are very few pictures that modelers are willing to show. Most of the time, such pictures are taken by modelers for the purpose of asking the question on how to resolve it, or asking the question on what the hell happened. For seasoned model builders, it’s often overlooked that others may learn from the experience and pictures are often ignore. But I’ll discuss this more after the jump. First, a few sample pictures taken over the weekend.


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December’s Model Build Gathering

This past weekend was the holiday model build gathering. For the past few years, we’ve done a white elephant gift exchange that has started to become a tradition. This is the third year, so all and all, it was a pretty good exchange. A few things were learned from the experience. But more about that later. Models were worked on, and we had a ton of new folks show. Also included in this post is the crab night for my little circle of friends.

The gift exchange went well, so this may be a good little tradition we start up for years to come.


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