This past weekend was April’s Model Build Gathering. Earlier in the week, we discovered a new gunpla centric store located in our own very backyard of Fullerton. A few of us did recon visits to the shop and during the gathering we sent a few raiding parties. Quite a bit of work was done on kits this gathering, we were all so focused and in tuned with building that we didn’t even have time to break out rockband.

Prior to the start of the build gathering, a few of us headed over to the Robot4Less shop over in Fullerton to check out the store and pick up some items. We chatted with the store clerk and owner for a little bit. Earlier in the week, Funaka’s wife had saw the place and mentioned it to him, and after his visit, he posted a review of the place. A true rare gem as it is a gunpla focused shop with Mr color and other GSI supplies. We picked up some items for our projects and headed out for lunch at the Hat then returned home and almost immediately started working on our kits.

The GM Wagtail kit came out a few weeks ago, so the group of us have decided to do a GM group build. The idea is to create a GM trio team and set it up as individual dioramas that will ultimately interlock and fit together to form a much bigger diorama. The goal is to complete this little project for the upcoming SCGMC contest in November. The theme is that these squads of GMs are attacking a Zeon base, so some of us will be building a Zeon defending unit to add into the diorama and strengthen the story telling. So far, Shinsetsu, Funaka, Bhop, Me, and Angel are in on this group build and most of us spent our time at the gathering cutting, sanding, and snapping GMs.

Nathan and Tony brought some completed kits.

Mitchel and Christiana were working on SD kits. Christiana even got her first priming session in, good thing she’s already learned how to use the airbrush from Jason, but Terry gave her a quick little refresher course.

The San Diego boys made it out this month. John is continuing to work on his Gouf Customs. And this month we added several new faces to the mix, Canadian Scott, yet another Mexican gunpla builder Jordan, and Saki from the Robot4Less shop. Hope these guys enjoyed the build gathering and will return for future build gatherings.

Xavier spent some time working on this Shenlong but spent most of the build gathering time working on building the new Real Grade Aile Strike kit. Near the end of the build gathering, he had it completed so we took some fun little shots of the bugger.

Other things seen worked on, the /148 scale Gundam, an FSS kit, a resin 1/72 scale G-sys Gundam MK3, and some GM love.

Skipping out on rockband and actually not drinking got some great focus on building. We were able to finish a good number of GMs, well cut and sanded. I was taking my time and seaming up areas as well. But even at that slow pace, I finished two GMs, the Wagtail and Powered. I have a third, the Command that was a donated kit from some random guy so it’ll need some clean up, sanding work and seams. I got the torso piece of the Gouf Custom built as well before giving up to exhaustion. The GM collection as it stood at the end of this build gathering, my GM team and the rest.

For all the pictures I took at the build gathering click here:

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  1. Major Williams

    Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there! Group builds look like a lot of fun, especially when it’s so hard to feel camaraderie from most hobby shop goers.

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