This weekend, a good number of the usual suspects didn’t show up; but we were still able to get about 14 people over to the build gathering. Rockband was fired up off and on through the gathering, Season 4 of Family Guy was thrown in, the grill was loaded with food, and we also built models.


We have a couple of new comers this time around as well. Hopefully we’re growing the interest into building. Hopefully the group (and I usually mean me when I say this) didn’t scare some of the newer folks away. Here are more pictures from the gathering. I didn’t set the camera up correctly, so a good number of the pictures are a bit blurry:

I found myself dragging my feet to build again. And per my mood for the past couple of weeks, I found that I could only start another new project. I got the little wrestler girl pinned. I spent most of the time playing rockband. It was good to have friends over. I definitely had fun. I’m a bit more motivated to get some of the work on the 1-4-4 Bar as it really is crunch time. I also need to get off my ass and get the workshop presentations completed. I want to through up some new torrents for the stuff soon. I think there is definitely a better flow with the new materials.

Evan introduced another girl to the build gathering, his sister. ( So you have SISTER!) And I was just waiting for Tracy to walk through the door when Sean showed up so that our new female attendee wouldn’t feel quite the odd one out. And per the rules of the “gathering” there can be only one. I would laugh if the world ended when we have more than one female model builder at the gathering, building at the same time. No, this doesn’t perpetuate the stigma towards the geekiness and male dominance in our hobbies.

AX is coming up this week, so it will be interesting to see how many people from the gathering show up there. I’m sure we’ll be meeting up at the event; and probably figure out more specific details on where we meet up then. I guess it is time to busy myself and bottle up some of my personal issues so that I can have some focus for the next few days.

For those that go through relationship issues, I highly recommend trudging through. Do not lock yourself away from the world completely. There are plenty of opportunities for alone time, time to reflect, time to wallow in your own self pity; but I do not believe that one should take time away from friends and activities to add one’s already alloted amount of alone time. It is good to vent, it is good to have some alone time; however, there is a balance that must be maintained. Go out with friends, I’m filling time I used to spend with her, with time spent in contact with others. I am starting to face this issue. I know it is not the end of the world, it only feels like it is; move along.

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  1. Infornography

    Yo Clem! Me and my sister had alot of fun! During the car ride home she asked me when’s the next build gathering so she could go and she also wanted to know if I was ever gonna work on another Ori kit that I got and that if I wasn’t, if she could have it! So I’m pretty sure she’s in for the next one.!

  2. GameraBaenre

    Damn, and I thought we (well, me really) creeped her out enough that we’d hear a completely different story from the car ride home. more women = more gooder. So there’s hope that we start getting more women to the build gatherings. Now if we can only get V to bring those “girls” he knows that are big gunpla/gundam fans to come along now too….

  3. dhcloud

    I am pretty sure those “girls” exist only in his mind… lol. And Evan, show you sister the “list”.. I still have plenty of kits and she could grab a few to help push the interest.

  4. Infornography

    ah! sure! I was gonna ask you about the Queens Blade one you just got too. Oh btw Gam, I have two friends who are interested in trying it out. One of them is another female so I might be able to push the bar up to three.

  5. faust257

    Now me sister wants to come too.

  6. Infornography

    Hey! The more women the merrier I say. How old is your sister faust?

  7. faust257

    shes 17 and likes to sing. so we got a singer for rockband

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