An entitled bag of dicks pulls the race card….

I occasionally travel for work. Well, I more than occasionally travel for work. I get to see the fun side of some poor decisions made by folks under the duress of a “bad” travel day. That said, today’s flight home was awesome!

The setup:

An American Airline’s flight from Phoenix AZ to Ontario CA, 3:35 PM take off time operated by American Eagle on a Bombardier CRJ900. Translation: a small commuter jet. I get on fairly early because of my “elite” status, and get to my seat 8A, a window seat in a 4 seat per row one aisle in between configuration. The plane loads up, and it is looking like a full flight. In my sleepy haze, I overhear the lady behind me chatting up her new single serving friend; the conversation topic is English as a second language. The Asian male next to her says his English language skills are lacking; she responds with an accent that she too has poor English skills and is from Africa. Then asks the gentleman where he is from, and he says Laos. She impresses upon him the need to improve one’s English in the new western world they are now part of; and the conversation wanes as the Laotian’s English is quite clearly, not on par with Lady Khama. The plane continued to fill. My hopes of getting my half of the plane’s 8th row to myself were quickly dashed by one of the last few travelers; a bald guy with salt and pepper beard and completely glued to his phone’s messaging service. He was probably traveling for Valentine’s day weekend and smooches are given in a video message. Slightly nauseated, I just wished I had the ability to shut off hearing as I could my sight.


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The Last Two Weeks, Part 2

Continued from the previous post, last we left off, it was Saturday, and we had just gotten back from Las Vegas the day before. Saturday was filled with OrangeCon activity as well as an attempt to dive that evening. The following morning Jeff, Sylvia, Lil Shoes, Yuki, Brian, and I would pile into the minivan and head up towards Monterey.


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The Last Two Weeks, Part 1

So the last two and a half weeks and have been a whirlwind of activity. Yuki’s brother and sister in law in town, a trip to Vegas, out of town friends coming into town, Orangecon 2012, a trip to Monterey/San Francisco, a short excursion under the sea, Yuki’s parents in town, my aunts and uncles in town, my cousins in town, and more friends in town. Up to my eyeballs in activities. But it was damn fun now that just about all visitors have left, and I’ve been back to work since the beginning of this week. Things are slowly returning to their normal, yet oddly busy schedule. The year’s not quite done with us yet as there’s still a full schedule come November with the group’s Book of Mormom outing and SCGMC 2 posted below. With my left hand slightly heavier; I’ll get some highlights from the past few weeks out before they are archived and possibly forever forgotten.

Strap in, this is going to be one of those posts, but at least I’m going to do this in two parts…


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January Model Build Gathering

This past Saturday was the monthly model build gathering. I believe we were about 25 strong. I actually got quite a bit of work done on my Saz project that I started early last week. People brought food and the grill was fired up. There was a little bit of drinking and a little bit of rockband towards the end of the night, but there was a great deal of building going on as well.


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