Anime Expo (AX) is coming up in the next few days. I am looking forward to this as this should keep my heart and mind busy for the next week or so. I have finished revamping the first part of my workshop presentation, but I still need to polish up a few things on the other two parts. I have a few videos to shoot to finish up the figure building section. I wish I could have finished the Kanu, but there were a few extenuating circumstances.

This will be interesting as most of the folks from the build gatherings will be at AX or plan on being at AX. Time to start cultivation some more builders.

This will be my first year as staff. So I need strong participation in the model contest, because a good showing there will allow me to get much better prizes and exponentially improve the contest in the future. More information is in the following link: Anime Expo Model Contest Page

The important information is the following:
Location: LACC Hall G within the Art Show area
Entry Deadline: Saturday July 5, @ 1200 PM
Judging Time: Saturday July 5: @ 3:00 PM
Awards: Saturday July 5: @ 5:00 PM

Below is the link to the latest schedule. This is the combined schedule.
Anime Expo Combined Schedule
For me, the important information here is my workshop times and locations. The location so far are all the same. The start times are different however.

Model Building Workshop times:
Day 1: 7:00PM – 9:00PM WS1, Room 304
Day 2: 4:30PM – 6:30PM WS1, Room 304
Day 3: 6:30Pm – 8:30 PM WS 1, Room 304

This changed a little from when the schedule was first published. At least I’m still getting the biggest workshop rooms available. On the first day, it doesn’t look like there is anything scheduled afterwards so I may get to go long. If people want it.

I plan on taking tons of pictures.  I will make sure I take pictures of all the model enteries.  It will make for a good comparison to what was shown last year.  Hopefully some of the entrants will be returning with all new stuff this year.  Oh, and sound off if you are going!  See you guys there.

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  1. Doven Wolf

    Hey Y’all, looks like I will be there and am looking forward to it. We should all try to do dinner after Gam’s painting demo. Anybody know anywhere good aroung the Convention Center?

    “Siek Zeon!”

  2. Infornography

    Little Tokyo might be a fun bet, but who knows how many people will be there…

  3. GameraBaenre

    I know a nice BBQ place, there are a few areas in downtown, but not sure how late they open. There’s always chinatown, but I really haven’t hung out there much. I know a few persian in the jeweler district. There’s always santa monica. Thai town is just north in hollywood.

  4. dhcloud

    I will be there Saturday

  5. George

    hey have fun at Anime Expo 2008.

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