Anime Expo Staff Dinner

A month and a half after Anime Expo, there was the Anime Expo Staff Dinner (ASD). Apparently this is a fairly new tradition started about 5 or 6 years ago. Even more recent is the requirement for “formal attire”. Now when I read the words “formal attire”, I’m thinking tux, tails, etc. But reading the description and such, most folks were just coming in ties and a nice shirt. It was more semi formal than anything else. Here’s a quick snap of Chris and I; and yes the Kimono is considered formal attire..

asd_2008 005_jpg.jpg asd_2008 014_jpg.jpg


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Anime Expo (Post Con Version)

Another Anime Expo (AX) has come and gone. I staffed the event for the first time this year at the Art Show, dealing mostly with the Model Contest aspect of the event. This gave me the opportunity to experience a completely different viewpoint to the event. For the past couple of months, I have made many new friends with a good number of AX staffers, so as a result, I picked up a really insightful view of the event. I now have a greater understanding of the sacrifices made by the fans of the event so that they can greatly improve an event that they love and once upon a time, were mere attendees.

ax2008%20021_jpg.jpg ax2008%20011_jpg.jpg ax2008%20004_jpg.jpg


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Anime Expo 2008 (before the show post)

Anime Expo (AX) is coming up in the next few days. I am looking forward to this as this should keep my heart and mind busy for the next week or so. I have finished revamping the first part of my workshop presentation, but I still need to polish up a few things on the other two parts. I have a few videos to shoot to finish up the figure building section. I wish I could have finished the Kanu, but there were a few extenuating circumstances.


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