A month and a half after Anime Expo, there was the Anime Expo Staff Dinner (ASD). Apparently this is a fairly new tradition started about 5 or 6 years ago. Even more recent is the requirement for “formal attire”. Now when I read the words “formal attire”, I’m thinking tux, tails, etc. But reading the description and such, most folks were just coming in ties and a nice shirt. It was more semi formal than anything else. Here’s a quick snap of Chris and I; and yes the Kimono is considered formal attire..

asd_2008 005_jpg.jpg asd_2008 014_jpg.jpg

It is understood that the majority of AX Staffers are younger and are more likely to spend money on anime related items then a suit or evening gown; so throwing the formal attire element sort of threw some of the people for a loop. I see the reasoning, as to elevate the group because the dinner is a special occasion; but some folks just cannot be brought out of their element. They are either too young or too immature to appreciate the bigger picture. Hence the numbers of t-shirt+blazer combination, dress shirt + jeans, tie-less combination, etc. it did feel nice to be dressed up and see a decent number of people dressed nicely. I only hope that this gives some inspiration to others at future events that require semi formal attire.

I was pleasantly surprised to see more people dressed up than what my imagination suggested. But it was just too noticeable to see folks dressed as they would to work and within that, a good number that looks as if they didn’t even bother to try. Chalk that one up to youth and maturity level.

The evening was fun, it was at a club in Long Beach. 300 or so people were in attendance. Drinks from the bar were a little excessive in cost, but that goes with the territory. Since the event was advertised to begin at 6, I arrived at about 5:30 and when I got to the venue, in typical AX fashion, there was a line…

asd_2008 002_jpg.jpg

I did not take too many more pictures, but I did take a few, and I added it to my Anime Expo 2008 page; click here.

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