Two kits that I picked up off Y!J auctions arrived Saturday morning. I had just finished re-priming the Kanu kit so having these two kits arrive is just perfect timing. Pulling them out, I get to cutting flash and pinning. The first kit is Asuka Langley from Evangelion cosplaying as Yoko Ritona from Gurren Lagann sculpted by Cherry Blossom. She’s a smaller kit, Cherry Blossom advertises her as 1/7, but seems closer to 1/8 in my eyes. The guide holes placed there by the sculptors greatly help and speed the process of pinning. Here are pictures of the process:

asuka_as_yoko_prog 001_jpg.jpg asuka_as_yoko_prog 002_jpg.jpg asuka_as_yoko_prog 003_jpg.jpg

Once the holes have been drilled, I use 1/16 inch metal rods as the pin. With the pins in place, I just push the two parts together and this section is done.

asuka_as_yoko_prog 004_jpg.jpg asuka_as_yoko_prog 006_jpg.jpg asuka_as_yoko_prog 007_jpg.jpg

Pinning is the first thing I do with resin kits. I get a clear idea about what the kit should look like when completed and from here, I can plan out the next steps and areas I need to address for building the kit. And notice the size of Mr G3 Keroro, about the same height as Asuka.

asuka_as_yoko_prog 020_jpg.jpg

Click here for Asuka’s progress page as well as more pictures.

Next up is a 1/6 scale Villeta Nu from Code Geass. The kit is sculpted by the circle Ab=Flug (link NSFW), and is a group that does a good number of nude kits. From the site, I saw that there were two versions of the kit, one with her in a sweater, and one nude. I thought that the kit would come with both the sweater and nude versions, but alas, the kit I have is only nude. It did come with a bikini top and bottom to cover her naughty bits. That said, this kit has detailed naughty bits….

But before we get there, I want to show the removal of some of the flash tabs. The flash tabs were fairly large, so removing them with a set of nippers or cutters wasn’t going to work. And cutters on such large pieces tend to stress the rather brittle resin and pieces of the kit that are not just the flash tend to break off as well. So for the flash removal, I used hobby saws and my hobby knife to carefully remove the flash.

villetta_prog 001_jpg.jpg villetta_prog 002_jpg.jpg villetta_prog 003_jpg.jpg villetta_prog 004_jpg.jpg

And after pinning, we have Mr G3 Keroro oddly mesmerized…

villetta_prog 006_jpg.jpg

Click here for more NSFW and details on the naughty bits at Villeta’s progress page.

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  1. tetsujin

    Asuka cosplaying as Yoko? Sounds like some kinda nerd-gasm. :D

  2. GameraBaenre

    Huh… so that explains that clear stuff that sorta leaked out of me when the kit arrived…

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