So after finishing my Gouf in the morning, the afternoon was spent doing a little prep work for the rest of the night. An evening at the Hollywood Bowl with Harry Connick Jr.. We got there around 6, parked in the stacked lot and walked up to the bowl. There was considerably more people here than the last concert. I believe Sergio pulled in about 10k people, and Harry’s Saturday concert pulled in over 17k. The even was sold out. Leaving the bowl will be an interesting experience. The music was good, I knew almost all the songs, although I’m used to hearing it from other singers, but Harry’s personality and little quips with the audience through out the evening just made the show. I have a few snippets and one full song that I captured at the show. Note to self, bring another memory card, one full song was almost 500mb.

His first song was The Way You Look Tonight. he definitely has a certain style. I’m not too big a fan as when I’m listening all my mind wants to hear is the other versions that its accustomed to, Frank’s version, Tony’s version, etc. Harry’s version is a little too whiny for my liking. But it’s his own style and a very jazzy/bluesy New Orleans feel.

Here is a snippet of that song:

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His next song is his rendition of the Beatles song And I Love Her

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There was a lady in the front that was standing and waving, so he started to chat it up with her. She was apparently wearing a Ferrari Red shirt, so he made some headlight joke. He’s charming and funny, I can see why the women folks love him so.

His third song is what pretty much put him on the map. His rendition of It Had to Be You that he did for the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack. And of course, the audience goes wild as it’s the more recognized song of the evening.

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Here’s a full song that I snagged as he stated that he’s yet to record this particular song. Again, I think I prefer Frank’s version, but this is quite nice in it’s own respect. How Insensitive

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His band is amazing and through out the show, various members of his band are show cased and he always names the band members who’s in the spotlight.

And the last video is him running around along the edge that separated the “pool” area from the front boxes. Earlier he did some tap dancing and played the trumpet as well as an upright boogie style piano. My camera was full so I didn’t capture those moments, but I did get him while he was dancing around in what he called his “how we dance in New Orleans”. If you listen carefully enough, you can hear all the fags making cumsies in their pants…

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When the night ended, my friend I took asked me why it ended so soon. She hadn’t realized that it was already about 10:30. We waited till the crowd thinned before making our exit and got to my car around 11. And as we got into my car, the car next to me pulled out and I just had to unparrallel park myself and we were out. Probably one of the quickest exits from the stacked parking lot in my experience at the bowl. It was a fun evening. Next up will be the famous John Williams’ Concert evening.

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  1. Ocheeboy11

    hey, i was there too. bummed that i didnt see you. you taught me everything i needed to know to get into airbrushing.

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