Weekend update. A good amount of work was accomplished on Kanu over the weekend, some rework to resculpt a broken/missing piece, and a build gathering capped out the events of the long Labor Day weekend. Because of the amount of hard alcohol consumed, I spent the day recovering. I’m still not 100%, but at least I’m no longer orally evacuating last night’s liquid consumption.

kanu1_6_prog 219_jpg.jpg mgb15 013_jpg.jpg

Starting from Friday, I did a good amount of work on Kanu. In the morning, I sprayed on the gloss clear coat over the dried and set decal, that evening, I sprayed on the clear flat. This week, I will be masking her off and painting the rest of the kit.

kanu1_6_prog 193_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 194_jpg.jpg

Last Thursday night, while getting ready to close up the workshop, I glanced over at Kanu’s hair pieces and saw something that was odd. The little hair piece that curves out from her bangs was missing. It had broken off the part. Worse, I couldn’t find it anywhere. So come Friday evening, I drill out a small hole where that hair piece was, and using some stem wire, I create a base structure for sculpting the new part. Some epoxy putty was used and slapped on.

kanu1_6_prog 197_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 198_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 203_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 205_jpg.jpg

Come Saturday, I take the dremel and sculpt out the hair piece as best I can. Once that was done, I used light curing putty to do some final fills and shaping to the hair piece. A few rounds of sanding, filling and repriming, and I have the hair piece rebuilt. It’s not exact, but sorta close to what that piece looked like before… well, close enough.

kanu1_6_prog 206_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 208_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 210_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 212_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 217_jpg.jpg

More pictures of Kanu’s progress can be found here.

We also had a Labor Day gathering on Sunday. It started later as folks didn’t show up until about 2PM. A smaller gathering that the past couple of events with the numbers around 15 or so people. I got some work on Kanu done during the gathering, but also did a small amount of work on Asuka as Yoko.

mgb15 014_jpg.jpg mgb15 040_jpg.jpg

Angel’s building the Perfect Zeong, the shear size of the kit and amount of plastic is mind boggling.  Trisha started working on a Chun Li kit from my collection.  The front and rear skirts were pinned using magnets as the skirt areas were too thin for pinning.  Also in the picture is a carrier that Sean built throughout several gathering visits, so it’s very cool to see something that was worked on during the gatherings finished.

mgb15 010_jpg.jpg mgb15 021_jpg.jpg mgb15 032_jpg.jpg mgb15 008_jpg.jpg

Note to self, playing Rockband with the lowest percentage having to take a shot can quickly turn things. But it was damn good time, and I tend to get some what creative with Mr G3 in my drunken stupor..

mgb15 045_jpg.jpg mgb15 057_jpg.jpg mgb15 065_jpg.jpg

The gigantic bottle of Jager I have is about 1/4 full now, Patron is just about gone, the Barcardi Mojito bottle is gone. Dr Pepper and that Tattoo crap is god awful stuff. At the end of the event, there were four of us, Manny, Terry, Angel, and I, it was about 5:30 AM, and we popped in Princess Bride… and finished it. Angel took off for home at about 7:45, and I ended up crashing out at 8:00. Manny and Terry were crashed out in the living room. Longest running gathering to date. Click here for more pictures from the event.

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  1. Doven Wolf

    Looks like good times had by all, especially Kerero G3.

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