It’s really difficult not to get completely discouraged…

Weekend update with pictures from the build gathering, pictures of Manny’s finished 1/4 scale Ayane kit, and of course some Saz progress. What does this have to do with the rather morbid title. Well, it has everything to do with the Saz progression. I’m sure it’s a problem not often discussed, and if it is, there are very few pictures that modelers are willing to show. Most of the time, such pictures are taken by modelers for the purpose of asking the question on how to resolve it, or asking the question on what the hell happened. For seasoned model builders, it’s often overlooked that others may learn from the experience and pictures are often ignore. But I’ll discuss this more after the jump. First, a few sample pictures taken over the weekend.


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Final masking and detail work for Asagi (井河アサギ)

I’m in the home stretch… actually, I think I finished. I may have a few touch ups here and there, but last night I pretty much got all the final detail work done. The sword was finished, and I masked off and painted the last details on the main body….

asagi_prog 237_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 232_jpg.jpg


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Labor Day Weekend Update

Weekend update. A good amount of work was accomplished on Kanu over the weekend, some rework to resculpt a broken/missing piece, and a build gathering capped out the events of the long Labor Day weekend. Because of the amount of hard alcohol consumed, I spent the day recovering. I’m still not 100%, but at least I’m no longer orally evacuating last night’s liquid consumption.

kanu1_6_prog 219_jpg.jpg mgb15 013_jpg.jpg


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