I’m in the home stretch… actually, I think I finished. I may have a few touch ups here and there, but last night I pretty much got all the final detail work done. The sword was finished, and I masked off and painted the last details on the main body….

asagi_prog 237_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 232_jpg.jpg

The main body was masked off using tamiya masking tape, 3M blue painters masking tape, blue sticky tack, parafilm m, and mr masking sol. The details were then painted using Finisher’s Titanium. The sword details were painted as well. A few minutes after painting, the masking tape was removed, which always results in a pile of masking tape. I should start a masking tape ball, and just save all my left over masking tape…

asagi_prog 233_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 239_jpg.jpg

Once all the masking tape was removed, there were a few problem areas. Some of the purple areas lifted. There were some other areas that needed some touch up as well. So a fine tipped brush was employed to fix those areas and my Iwata CM-C Plus was called into action to spray on touch up purple paint to the lifted areas….

asagi_prog 234_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 235_jpg.jpg

And with that, I have this little teaser picture… final pictures will be taken tonight…

asagi_prog 241_jpg.jpg

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