Asagi (井河アサギ) Done!

Asagi project finished in fairly short order. The kit arrived at the end of August and I had her pinned and sitting on my work bench from then until the beginning of November when I returned to the kit. The engineering and forethought into the design of the kit was simply amazing and that attributed to the speed at which this kit was completed. This was a very straight forward build and not much in the way of having to build sub sections, that are then build around, etc etc. Short and sweet kit.

asagi 033_jpg.jpg asagi 012_jpg.jpg asagi 022_jpg.jpg


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Final masking and detail work for Asagi (井河アサギ)

I’m in the home stretch… actually, I think I finished. I may have a few touch ups here and there, but last night I pretty much got all the final detail work done. The sword was finished, and I masked off and painted the last details on the main body….

asagi_prog 237_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 232_jpg.jpg


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Eyes for Asagi (井河アサギ)

Not much of an update since I wanted the allow the flat coat on the skin parts as well as the clear purple on the appendages cure for a few days before masking them off and continuing with the painting. So I opted for painting the eyes and face details for Asagi last night. Below is the basic start and end points.

asagi_prog 138_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 175_jpg.jpg


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