Nov 112008

Asagi project finished in fairly short order. The kit arrived at the end of August and I had her pinned and sitting on my work bench from then until the beginning of November when I returned to the kit. The engineering and forethought into the design of the kit was simply amazing and that attributed to the speed at which this kit was completed. This was a very straight forward build and not much in the way of having to build sub sections, that are then build around, etc etc. Short and sweet kit.

asagi 033_jpg.jpg asagi 012_jpg.jpg asagi 022_jpg.jpg

Here are some full pictures at all angles. There are still some rough spots but over all, for the amount of time I spent on the kit, I’m satisfied. Now with this out of my system, I can focus on getting some of my commission projects done. Back to mecha….

asagi 002_jpg.jpg asagi 003_jpg.jpg asagi 004_jpg.jpg asagi 005_jpg.jpg

asagi 006_jpg.jpg asagi 007_jpg.jpg asagi 008_jpg.jpg asagi 009_jpg.jpg

More pictures:
Comprehensive progress page:

  6 Responses to “Asagi (井河アサギ) Done!”

  1. Awesome!!!! Inspiring!!! Nice and clean.

  2. Nice piece of work. Like the painting of the suit.

  3. Very Nice and Sexy!!!

  4. Another excellent work! I really like the effect of how each color area has a different “finish,” to really create the effect of them being different materials; also, the purple for her bodysuit turned out great! I’ll definitely have to keep that technique in mind for a sculpt I’ve been working on of one of my own characters (if I can ever get around to completing her!).

    Also, I just happened to notice it on HF’s (yeah, I know) Announcements section at the bottom of the screen, so I’d like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a good one, man!

  5. Heh, yeah, it’s me birthday. Thanks! I’m still exploring different paint techniques, so I’m glad my progress is useful to some folks.


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