A good amount of work was accomplished over the weekend. I got the arms and legs done; and I finished painting and weathering the base.

asagi_prog 231_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 223_jpg.jpg

The weekend started with masking off the main body for the seconding painting session. Tamiya masking tape, 3m blue painter’s masking tape, parafilm m, blue sticky tak, and mr masking sol was used. A gloss black was painted as the base for the metallics. Alclad II polished aluminum was then sprayed after the black cured. The Alclad sat for a full day, before being polished with a microfiber cloth, and then painted with the clear purple.

asagi_prog 179_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 181_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 182_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 227_jpg.jpg

The arms and leg pieces were masked off as well to paint on the final details. I used Finisher’s titanium for the metallic detail.

asagi_prog 186_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 189_jpg.jpg

With the face done, I glued the two hair pieces together. For a good number of anime kits, the front and back hair pieces have a lip and so a natural seam exists. Not so in this kit, so I felt that the seam was fairly ugly and needed attention. With the hair glued, tamiya light curing putty is applied to the seam. After a quick cure under a light, the area is sanded. With everything sanded smooth, the face was masked off.

asagi_prog 190_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 192_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 195_jpg.jpg

I skipped the primer and just went to the base blue. Once that cured, I sprayed on the lavender and then flat coated that to finish the head.

asagi_prog 199_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 200_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 202_jpg.jpg

The final piece that was worked on was the base. After priming, a dark gray was sprayed. A preshading layer of light gray was then sprayed. A black wash was then applied over the base to darken in the cracks and lines.

asagi_prog 187_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 188_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 205_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 212_jpg.jpg

With the wash done, I applied a filter/fade to the surface to give some added dimension. Using four different colors, the base was dotted up with a fine brush. Then a brush with a small amount of lighter fluid wiped away the dots and blended everything together. once the surface dried, a clear flat coat was sprayed and then some pastel weathering was applied (see second picture at top)

asagi_prog 214_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 215_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 218_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 221_jpg.jpg

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  1. dhcloud

    Great job. You got this one pretty much done. So, whats next… commission kit? Or another figure?

  2. GameraBaenre

    Heh, I gotta get cracking on the commission… I may be getting another commission soon too…

  3. dhcloud

    Well… you gotta pay for all the fun stuff somehow. Another Mecha commission?

  4. blasras

    woa, I love this
    how do you get that fish net look? it’s so neat

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