Nov 302008

Thanksgiving was fairly mellow since there weren’t many family friends visiting and it was just a nice and relaxed quiet gathering. Some of the uncooked steaks from Thursday were cut up and thrown into a marinade. We picked up some Kobe Beef, fish cake, tofu, napa cabbage, shrimp, clams, etc etc. A small gathering of friends showed up on Friday for this mix of Shabu Shabu and Korean style hibachi. The dining room was fairly full and we ended up playing musical chairs when people wanted to move from the shabu shabu side to the korean bbq side, and then back again. Beers flowed, an amazing amount of food was consumed, and then it was on to rockband. I hit the LA Auto Show on Saturday, and today was taken to recover from the weekend as well as finish up painting the Tekkaman Blade kit.

tekkaman_blade_com 064_jpg.jpg 100_0378_JPG.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 069_jpg.jpg

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Nov 112008

I’m in the home stretch… actually, I think I finished. I may have a few touch ups here and there, but last night I pretty much got all the final detail work done. The sword was finished, and I masked off and painted the last details on the main body….

asagi_prog 237_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 232_jpg.jpg

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