Thanksgiving was fairly mellow since there weren’t many family friends visiting and it was just a nice and relaxed quiet gathering. Some of the uncooked steaks from Thursday were cut up and thrown into a marinade. We picked up some Kobe Beef, fish cake, tofu, napa cabbage, shrimp, clams, etc etc. A small gathering of friends showed up on Friday for this mix of Shabu Shabu and Korean style hibachi. The dining room was fairly full and we ended up playing musical chairs when people wanted to move from the shabu shabu side to the korean bbq side, and then back again. Beers flowed, an amazing amount of food was consumed, and then it was on to rockband. I hit the LA Auto Show on Saturday, and today was taken to recover from the weekend as well as finish up painting the Tekkaman Blade kit.

tekkaman_blade_com 064_jpg.jpg 100_0378_JPG.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 069_jpg.jpg

It’s been a long while since I last went to the LA Auto Show. The times I used to go, it was held after Christmas, and I guess it’s been showing earlier and earlier each year. Here are a sample of the exotics.

100_0374_JPG.jpg 100_0381_JPG.jpg 100_0380_JPG.jpg 100_0399_JPG.jpg

And of course, here is the ubiquitous scion tc.

100_0383_JPG.jpg 100_0384_JPG.jpg

Back when I was in college, we had always read about the rumors of bringing back the Honda CR-X. During my college years, they replaced the CR-X with the Del Sol. In Cantonese, we called the CR-X the “Flying Turtle”. The thing was amazingly light and it was damn fun to drive. One of the concepts shown is the CR-Z… apparently a hybrid vision of the CR-X. About time. I’m sure the final version will be a bit different and more practical, too bad I’m a little too old to care anymore, but still, it looks pretty cool now.

100_0393_JPG.jpg 100_0394_JPG.jpg 100_0395_JPG.jpg

We wandered into the aftermarket area where people had displays of custom works and such. And the thing that stood out was what my friend and I joked as the token Latino vehicle or what a Black guy living in the Latino community would drive… The Scar Face Impala….

100_0430_JPG.jpg 100_0432_JPG.jpg 100_0433_JPG.jpg 100_0434_JPG.jpg

The thing was damn impressive. Engravings everywhere. There was airbrush art all over the place. I had seen this similar level of detail and artwork on a scale model:

ventura_modelfest07 090_jpg.jpg

I was impressed with the work on the model kit, but in comparison to what someone did with a real car, I was damn impressed.

100_0435_JPG.jpg 100_0436_JPG.jpg 100_0437_JPG.jpg

More pictures from the auto show are here:

On to the Tekkaman kit, there were a few areas that needed to be addressed because of either clumsiness or just random things like dust and other particles settling on the kit. Areas need to be resanded, masked, and repainted. One of the couple of pieces I touched up is one of the forearms.

tekkaman_blade_com 065_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 066_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 068_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 075_jpg.jpg

With all the touch up pieces done, and painting done, I pieced together the major sub-assemblies. The parts will sit for a few more days before I get to the wash to detail up some of the panel lines on the kit, and with that, it will be finished. Baring anything catastrophic, the next update to the kit will be final pictures.

tekkaman_blade_com 070_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 071_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 073_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 074_jpg.jpg

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