Thanksgiving day update. I did a decent amount of work last night, and today. I had the family over for Thanksgiving, made dinner and entertained, and was still able to get a good amount of work on the kit done. I’m getting much closer to finishing. Below are the finished foot, spear piece, and shoulder with the metallic green kandy finish.

tekkaman_blade_com 058_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 059_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 063_jpg.jpg

Some sanding errors needed attention, and I finished sanding away the seam in the chest. A correction using tamiya light curing putty was employed to fix surface issues.

tekkaman_blade_com 034_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 033_jpg.jpg

With the surface defects fixed, I sprayed on Mr Color intermediate blue on the main armor pieces. This is my base coat that I will be preshading the kit. There seems to be a bluish tint in the white from the boxart so I’m trying to replicate that using this preshading technique. The other metallic areas were masked and painted with the standard gloss black and then alclad polished aluminum.

tekkaman_blade_com 043_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 047_jpg.jpg

Masking the shoulder mounted weapon system saw a different masking technique I haven’t used. Using a template, I cut out negative circle masks and then masked the part using the cut outs. It worked out quite well. The key is to have a very sharp hobby knife for which to cut the masking tape. After masking these parts, the pieces were ready for paint.

tekkaman_blade_com 036_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 040_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 041_jpg.jpg

Gloss black was sprayed, followed by alclad polished aluminum. And finally a gloss clear green to finish the piece off.

tekkaman_blade_com 053_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 054_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 055_jpg.jpg

Even after spraying the base color for the main armor, I managed to miss a small surface defect. The part was sanded and then repainted.

tekkaman_blade_com 049_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 050_jpg.jpg

Not too shabby for the first day of a four day weekend. But who knows, I may develop a strong case of laziness and procrastination…. hopefully not.

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  1. chris

    the green balls on the shoulder are sexy as hell

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