The painting resumed last night. I picked up some Mr Color wine red and another red from the local hobby store on my way home. The red parts were repainted. The first picture below is a comparison between the wine red and russet that I use the previous night. The wine red is a much darker red and will work to help create shading effects. Next I used Finisher’s bright red and painted the parts using a preshading technique that bases off the darker red base color.

tekkaman_blade_com 018_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 019_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 020_jpg.jpg

I use gaia note’s star bright silver as the metallic to see how it stands up against Alclad’s finish. I’m not convinced that this is a better product. I can see a little graininess from the paint’s metallic particles. Maybe my thinning ratio was off, I don’t know. I’ll try them on another project. Once the metallic were painted, I sprayed on a mixture of clear yellow and clear blue to get a clear green. Apparently, I ran out of clear green. The yellow pieces were painted in the same manner using clear yellow. I like the metallic yellow finish.

tekkaman_blade_com 022_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 023_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 024_jpg.jpg

After the painting sessions were done, it was back to work on the parts that still need surface prep attention. Tamiya light curing putty is employed. I have a bunch of lights that I use to help aide the curing process. And once cured, I did some rough sanding of the areas. I hope to finish up sanding the parts tonight.

tekkaman_blade_com 027_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 029_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 030_jpg.jpg

Finally, since I have the neck piece painted, I can join the two main pieces of the chest and glue them into place to get rid of the seam. Bandai’s 90s era engineering and quality control is clear here, as one piece is smaller than the other piece in terms of alignment. A good deal of shape sanding will be employed to make the part look correct.

tekkaman_blade_com 026_jpg.jpg

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  1. chris

    looking good ! look forward to the finished product! The green that you painted so far looks good! (hope it’s not the camera..)

  2. GameraBaenre

    Not the camera.. The effect is actually diminished by the camera, I think it looks much better in person.

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