I started working on the kit a few weeks ago. Parts were glued and sanded. I skipped taking pictures of the test fit phase and a few other steps, I just didn’t have time. This is also the reason for this late of an update from when I first started working on the kit. This is the second kit of the series I’ve been commissioned to build. I’ve learned a good deal from the Evil kit and that should translate to a much higher quality build for this kit.

mgb18 029_jpg.jpg mgb18 030_jpg.jpg

There are some areas on the kit that have mind boggling design features. The underside of the shoulder armor has the connecting pegs and such exposed. Using some pla plate, I covered the area under the shoulders and the area above the ankles (not pictured). With everything sanded and ready for paint, I sprayed on the first primer layer. I found a few parts that need to be readdressed for rough sanding spots and imperfections that need to be filled with putty.

mgb18 032_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 002_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 005_jpg.jpg

A good number of the parts were ready for paint right after priming, so the red was painted. I’m not too happy with the red I used, but I was running low on reds. I’ll drop by my local hobby shop and grab some more Mr Color reds. I’m planning on doing some shading for the kit, so I will be getting a few different shades of red. The yellow pieces were painted with gloss black. I want to use a Kandy metallic yellow, so I will be spraying on some alclad, followed by clear yellow.

tekkaman_blade_com 007_jpg.jpg tekkaman_blade_com 008_jpg.jpg

Finally, the gray areas such as the lower abdomen and the joints of the kit were painted with a gun metal color. I recently picked up some gaia notes metallic paints, and I’ve been wanting to use the stuff as a comparison to Mr Color metallics, Finisher’s Metallics, and Alclad. I am very pleased with how the gaia color came out.

tekkaman_blade_com 017_jpg.jpg

If I can stick to my current schedule, I should be done with this kit fairly quickly. There are only a few areas that need masking attention. And so long as I’m able to restock on some paints, things should run smoothly.

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  1. Link777

    oh great, in fact, Im planning to make a tekkaman cosplay, so please be very detailed on how you make this figure, cause Im going to take your work as direct reference
    thanks again

  2. GameraBaenre

    Wow, cosplaying as Tekkaman, nice. I’d like to see pictures of your completed costume as well when you get done with it.

  3. chris

    look forward to that!

  4. Moon

    I have a quiestion; I’m about to repaint my Tekkaman Blade Model Kit but I don’t know exactly which Tamiya colors to use; can you help me please? Thank you.

  5. Moon

    Thanks for the help, I’ll give it a try.

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