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Last night, I was able to get some painting done on the kit so I updated the commissions page with pictures that I have been taking over the past two weeks. Starting off, I had to soak the parts in purple power to rid all the residual oils, sanding dust, and any other things that may have stuck onto the surface for the past couple of months. After soaking, I pulled the parts and put them into a water bath, following this, they parts were thrown into fresh water in the ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaner was run and then the parts were dried – ready for priming.

tekkaman_evil_com 007_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 008_jpg.jpg

Priming is important, as it neutralizes the colors, gives a nice surface for paint to stick to, and most important, shows all the little surface mistakes. In the following set, the second picture shows some black areas, these are spots where the seam line exists and wasn’t fully fixed.

tekkaman_evil_com 009_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 010_jpg.jpg

A little light curing putty, 2 minutes of curing, some sanding, and then repriming fixes the issues.

tekkaman_evil_com 014_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 015_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 017_jpg.jpg

Last night, the painting process started. I painted the black parts first as I need a gloss black to work as the base for the color shifting paints I want to use as well as the metallics. The red parts were painted using Mica Red. Both the red and black are Finisher’s Paints.

tekkaman_evil_com 022_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 027_jpg.jpg

I decided to use alclad metallics for the joint and other grey areas. I just think it would look much better against the black and red. Additionally, since the black and red will be sprayed with a semi gloss, I believe the shiny metallic will give a nice contrasting effect. For the weapons, I used alclad’s stainless steel, there is a hint of a blueish tint that I like. The rest of the joint areas were done with alclad’s white aluminum.

tekkaman_evil_com 024_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 025_jpg.jpg

It has been a while since I used Alclad’s prismatic paints. These are a set of color shifting paints that change colors depending on light source and angle. They require a gloss black base coat, then require a gloss clear coat to bring out the effect. The abdomen was painted using Jade. Sapphire was used for the chest dots and the eye plate. Maple was used for detailing the back of the chest area. Not completely satisfied with the chest dots, I mixed some micro pearls and green pearl powders with Mr Super clear and sprayed that over the chest dots and eye plate to further enhance the turquoise blue color shifting effect. These areas were then gloss clear coated.

tekkaman_evil_com 028_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 032_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 033_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 036_jpg.jpg

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    btw, the camera that you are using….SO GOOD QUALITY!

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