Joshua Tree and a Return to the Unicorn Gundam

The memorable points of this weekend was an evening back in Joshua Tree and a few hours of work on the giant Unicorn Gundam statue. So the recent addiction is trying out astrophotography, well as much as that’s even possible with my current setup. The weekend before this past one, Yuki and I drove up to Joshua Tree as a scouting mission to see about snapping some pictures of the dark sky. Funny thing is that the last time I was out in this area, I was riding along with MarkW as we ventured out to Jame Zee Doyle’s (aka JED from old model building RAAM/CoM sites) house to pick up some kits that he was no longer going to build. MarkW’s Sazabi original owner was JED.

While there was no moon to saturate the night sky with lighting, there was however lots of clouds that worked to reflect the lights from Palm Springs effectively. The goal to snap pictures of the night sky turned into just snapping pictures of the land, clouds, and my car in the calm desert night. The good thing is that I did get some more practice with nighttime photography. This weekend we were a little more successful.


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1/12 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode

So a few weeks ago, the local gunpla distributor asked me and the gang for suggestions to enhance a 6’5 tall Unicorn Destroy Mode Gundam. There is one other in Hong Kong that I know of, perhaps more exist, but this is probably the second one. We came up with a quick plan on what we could do in the short period of time before Anime Expo. The first step was to spray a clear gloss over the surface. The status is mostly made of wood and the paint is a little rough, so we sprayed several layers of clear gloss. The unfortunate side effect is that it yellowed the surface slightly. And areas where heavier spraying was done, by me of course, yellowed even more. The statue was left alone to cure and some sanding was done to clean up some of the lightly yellowed areas. The head got the most yellowing.


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Weekend update

This was another busy weekend with the June model build gathering, meeting with the Gunpla World Cup (aka BAKUC) competition sponsors to hammer out final details, and finally getting to finish up the Mitzuki commission repair job. The build gathering was one of the smaller gathering in comparison to the past few months. It was a nice change of pace, I got to spend some time working on my own projects. Manny showed up and brought along a finished Akatsuki kit that he had picked up from the day that we had 200+ kits donated I think he did a damn good job being his second gunpla kit ever.


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