Aside from the Shin Musha Gundam, I also got more work on the Hustler kit as well as the ∞ Justice’s joint casting. With three collars casted, three versions of the shirt was glued together using epoxy glue. This will make it very easy to swap out shirts on the kit. For the ∞ Justice, with the successful pressure pot casting, the joints were casted.

hustler_prog 042_jpg.jpg ij_comm 087_jpg.jpg

Last we left you, I had one half of a two part mold created for the joints created. A thin layer of petroleum jelly is applied to the mold and parts as preparation for making the second half of the mold. Once the first half is prepared, silicon is poured into the mold to create the second half. With the second half created, resin was poured into the molds and placed in to the pressure pot. From the first picture above, you can see little dots on the surface of the casted joint pieces. This is excess resin because the molds were made before I bought the pressure pot, so there are small bubbles and holes in the mold. It is easily sanded away.

ij_comm 084_jpg.jpg ij_comm 090_jpg.jpg

Progress for the Hustler kit continued with the initial sanding, soaking in industrial strength cleaner, and rinsing with the ultrasonic cleaner.

hustler_prog 040_jpg.jpg

The three versions of the shirt:

hustler_prog 046_jpg.jpg hustler_prog 050_jpg.jpg hustler_prog 053_jpg.jpg

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  1. Leelan

    WOW! Very nice work! I am a dabbler in anime. So far I have collected kits anhd went so far as to assemble a few. Chickeded out at the painting stage so none are finished yet. But your work here is inspiring!

  2. GameraBaenre

    Thanks for the compliments. Check out the progress pages for detail documentation on the build progression as well as the tutorials page for specific details on various techniques.

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