I finally got off my ass to decal and paint the gun details finishing the bloody kit. With the wash, decals, and wood complement to the weapons, I think everything is fairly balanced. I enjoy exploring different paint techniques and doing stuff that’s different, of course, this usually means folks don’t care much for it. But I’m building for me, and no anyone else. Plus, I got to get the burning need to experiment with paint out of my system. I have a bunch of other projects that are on my plate, so with this sucker down, I can get back to focusing on the commission IJ and another commission kit I have in the queue.

shin_musha 001_jpg.jpg shin_musha 005_jpg.jpg

Here are a few more pictures of the kit from a few different angles.

shin_musha 002_jpg.jpg shin_musha 010_jpg.jpg shin_musha 004_jpg.jpg

Close up of some of the detail areas.

shin_musha 018_jpg.jpg shin_musha 019_jpg.jpg shin_musha 024_jpg.jpg shin_musha 024_jpg.jpg

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  1. Zakenna

    you’re right, you build models for your self. Which is why I never ask for opinions about my models during the build process it mucks up my vision for the end result.

    I’m sure you’ve heard from everybody by now that the wood grain looks amazing but what really stood out was the armor for me. The fact that it was a samurai alone made it stand out but the marble camo effect really made it say “I’m not your average gundam”

  2. GameraBaenre

    Heh.. I had a really fun time doing the wood grain…. I’ve been itching to do that since the Haruhi Guitars…. I think I may take it a step farther and do a full gunpla kit in wood grain… I’m thinking the new GM 2.0 will be a good candidate for the effect… it’s already plain looking. It’ll be my homage to the downgraded Bender…

  3. Jean

    Tried to achieve the marble effect on a base before, but achieved a total fail!

    Needless to say, the marble effect is really outstanding, as the wood grain. Congratulations and thanks for the tutorials!

  4. gnma2

    Just want you to know, as a model building enthusiast, I look forward to each and every one of your posts, and find your progress reports and tutorials to be educational and entertaining. Your work is inspirational; thanks for keeping me interested in this hobby!

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