We had a local gathering for the folks building the PG Astray this past Friday. We had four air brush stations running at the same time. The station in the workshop, one in the dining room, and two in the front living room. Ten of the eleven builder showed, so we got a good amount of work done. The colors were voted on and it was basically a battle between the clear orange and the clear red with the clear red winning out. In other news, I pinned a Kriska Barchenowa from Muv Luv kit using brass rods and magnets.

Four airbrush stations going and a ton of paint just flying all over the place. The builders brought over their compressors and airbrushes, so we were able to put all of them to work. This way folks could continue to work and not worry about waiting to paint. I think this helped with the productivity of the evening.

Skewers holding parts were everywhere. An interesting oversight with all the airbrush stations was the lack of airbrush holders at the stations. Some of the compressors have holders, but most folks were looking for makeshift holders using a vise, the cleaning station, etc. Note for next time is to have folks bring some sort of airbrush holder to the gatherings when they bring their airbrush and compressors. And through the night the skewers of unpainted parts became painted. The box of parts dwindles even more with only a few parts left in the box.

Below is my progress on the torso section. I spent most of the build applying little paint details to areas that will just be covered up by armor and other pieces. But the detail and size of the PG kit just lends itself for adding in such details. At the very least, I have pictures of the internals before they’re hidden when the kit is put together.

More pictures and a complete progression is here: http://gamerabaenre.com/pg_astray.htm

Next up is the Kriska Barchenowa kit from Muv Luv kit sculpted by OOOXOO. The kit is broken down with small add on detail parts that are fairly difficult to pin, so magnets are used for such areas. The wood base also has magnets glued into place; and a sheet of mirrored acrylic will be glued on top of the wood base so that the kit can freely stand. The kit is fairly well balanced so magnets in the feet will help keep the kit attached. Below is a picture with all the magnets in place.

The left arm was glued and epoxy putty is applied to fill in the gap.

Here is the kit pinned.

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  1. Mark Johnson

    Can you share some websites with me that sell Muv-Luv resin kits. Have interest in building a Meiya Mitsurugi figure but have trouble finding a reputable seller that will follow through on my order. Who is the person that did your figure? The site link for the sculpter was in Japanese, does he have a website in english and does he do online orders? Thanks for any help you have to offer.


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