Since the Infinite Justice kit is on hold now, I started work on the Sol Tekkaman last night. Here are a few pictures of the major joining parts combined. I’m skipping the full test fit to speed up the process of the kit. All the two part pieces are glued together so that I can get to work on the seams.

Gotta love old early ’90s kits bandai kits. It makes one appreciate the amount of engineering and thought put into HGUC and MG kits. What a world of difference in terms of model design. Just about every major appendage requires glue and seam fixing.

Another issue with a good number of these old mecha kits are the open areas with exposure to unsightly internal areas. I will be fixing these areas with styrene sheet. I thought about filling the area with epoxy putty, but the putty may be a little too heavy for the part.

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