May 042009

We had a local gathering for the folks building the PG Astray this past Friday. We had four air brush stations running at the same time. The station in the workshop, one in the dining room, and two in the front living room. Ten of the eleven builder showed, so we got a good amount of work done. The colors were voted on and it was basically a battle between the clear orange and the clear red with the clear red winning out. In other news, I pinned a Kriska Barchenowa from Muv Luv kit using brass rods and magnets.

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Feb 062009

Little end of week update as I progress with more casting. I’m getting a better feel for it and I think I’m getting better at casting. I also got the Shin Musha’s gun finished last night. All I needed to do was paint the gold details. I took pictures of the magnet inserts for the Hustler figure as well.

hustler_prog 029_jpg.jpg shin_musha_prog 039_jpg.jpg

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