Little end of week update as I progress with more casting. I’m getting a better feel for it and I think I’m getting better at casting. I also got the Shin Musha’s gun finished last night. All I needed to do was paint the gold details. I took pictures of the magnet inserts for the Hustler figure as well.

hustler_prog 029_jpg.jpg shin_musha_prog 039_jpg.jpg

Holes were drilled into the railing of the pool table as well as a corresponding spot on her leg. Since I want the kit to freely sit on the pool table, magnets are the best option as I can conceal the magnets fairly easily. The vest was also dotted up with the smallest magnets I have to ensure a solid connection between the two separate pieces so that I get a nice hold, yet I can easily remove the pieces from the kit. I’m going to use the modularity of the kit to its fullest potential.

hustler_prog 030_jpg.jpghustler_prog 031_jpg.jpg hustler_prog 033_jpg.jpg hustler_prog 032_jpg.jpg

Tamiya epoxy putty quick type is used to cover up the magnets in the pool table rail and the corresponding leg piece. Once sanded down, the parts should look seamless and have a solid connection points and should be stable enough to hold the kit.

hustler_prog 034_jpg.jpghustler_prog 035_jpg.jpg

More casting fun. I’m getting better with each cast. I redid the right side closed shirt piece. And from the pictures, it’s a pretty good duplicate. I’ve also started making copies of the collar piece. A solid resin collar piece is much easier to work with than separate collar pieces; so I will be making two more copies of the collar piece so that I have a total of three collar parts for three versions of the shirt.

hustler_prog 038_jpg.jpghustler_prog 037_jpg.jpg hustler_prog 039_jpg.jpg

Finally, I took a quick moment to paint the detail parts of the Musha’s Gun, first with a gloss black, then with Finisher’s Cold Gold. I wanted a darker gold, and something bluer than the hot yellowish gold for the gun. I think it matches up nicely with the wood grain. And with that, the gun is complete.

shin_musha_prog 040_jpg.jpg

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