Mark W was out here on the left coast again, and only 3 days shy of the build gathering. One of these days, he’ll figure some kind of work/release deal and be able to stay a weekend and actually attend the fun that is the usually gathering of nerds and geeks… he’ll fit right in, after all, he was once a disciple of the late Gary Gygax. But on to the some of the work, Mark only had a few parts to do some touch up work and a few parts to paint, so relatively small amount of time was spent building. I spent the time puttying the Hi Nu. Here are some pictures of Mr G3 with parts of the Sazabi.

marks_sazabi-002.jpg marks_sazabi-001.jpg marks_sazabi-003.jpg

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  1. Dhcloud

    What a great use of that crappy PVC Rei… as a chopping block for the Sazabi’s weapons… lol

  2. gamerabaenre

    It was all MarkW’s idea too… again… creepy 😛

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