…time to shelve the Hi Nu for a little bit… These suckers arrive yesterday morning 3/27. The release date for the kit was 3/26, and I put in an order with R10 on Monday 3/24. This is a testament to R10’s amazing processing time. They were about 20 bucks a kit. When news of the kit was first released, I immediately knew I wanted to use it as the base kit for redoing my tutorial videos for my presentation. So I ordered 3. One will be simply snapped, one will be painted in a clean pearly finish, and the last one will have a good amount of weathering. I’ll also be adding a few modifications to the pearly finished one, such as metal thrusters and some mesh tubing, I may add a small amount of mods to the weathered one, but I haven’t made the decisions on those yet.


As for the Hi Nu, with the exception of the funnels and a few pieces that still needed sanding, it was ready for the final primer and then off to paint, but with the arrival of the HGUC Nu’s, I decided to shelve the Hi Nu until I finish the little 1/144s – which shouldn’t be too long.

The kit is amazingly engineered. As for the main suit, I haven’t found a single seam to deal with yet. The 5 hours I spent snapping and sanding the kit has pretty much put it ready to be run through the ultrasonic cleaner and then primed. I will be snapping up the other two kits to get them ready for a few demos and videos I plan on tackling at the Model Build Gathering this Saturday. Click here for more HGUC Nu progress pictures.

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