Saturday saw another successful model build gathering! We grew by 4 new attendees this month, and we had a total of 17 people attending including myself. Gtetra, even after spending the Friday and Saturday moving into his new house, called up and came over later Saturday Night to participate, true dedication. I’ll be picking up a 6ft table from Costco later on this week, and I’m sure we’ll have the space for a little more growth; much the the chagrin of my girlfriend I’m sure.

I spent a good amount of time running around answering questions and did a few quick demos:

Mono eye, camera lens modification

Quick and dirty airbrush tutorial

Otakufuel was also on hand to supply the wanton needs of the gunpla building otakus. So busy that they were not able to get much model building done – serves them right for bringing a car trunk full of goodies.

Here are a few pictures from the build gathering:

mgb9%20016_jpg.jpg mgb9%20004_jpg.jpg mgb9%20024_jpg.jpg

Click here for more pictures

The next build gathering is set for Saturday, April 19, 2008

I’m planning on having some kits ready for the following tutorials: Weathering, Pearl Painting, Applying Water Slide Decals, and maybe a few one offs here and there, depending on what people are working on. And I almost forgot, for April’s build gathering, we’re going to focus on getting some major work done of the 1/144 Scale “Gundam Bar” idea.

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  1. francis k s wong

    Besides efforts to organize people to go to the gathering, it also takes a good, experienced master like you, ready to aswer questions and lend a hand when needed.
    It would be flustrating, if any one got a question, and got stucked there, and forced to stop.
    It is not easy to organize a gathering, it is even harder, to monitor, assist and encourage move ons.
    Congratulations! to a respectable master!

  2. gamerabaenre

    There are actually a lot of good model builders too. Many much better than I am, I just end up being the loudest and most talktive :P If you are ever in the LA area around the time of one of these gatherings, by all means contact me, you are more than welcome to join the fun!

  3. James

    And what about that cheesecake? Gam’s hospitality and generosity make it much more than just a build gathering, they kind of turn into a party. Thanks from all the mecha geeks out there!

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