After seeing so many versions of this kit late last month, I wanted to do my own. The panda thing has been done several times over, but still, I wanted do do my own. Taking a break from the HiNu, this little kit was a very quick and dirty build, just to get the bear out of my system. There is a ton of modification potential with this kit but I only did a few mods:

  • added blue LEDs as the eyes
  • dentistry to cut out the mouth and make some bigger teeth
  • filled in the space down the middle of the head
  • Small details to the right hand adding some metal collars to create a more distinct weapon barrel

Here are the 360 views of the kit.

The eyes are powered with three watch batteries stacked and operated with a reed switch, the eyes are turned on with a magnet. Here are a few shots with the eyes lit.

This is the first completed kit to be photography with my new Olympus E-P2. The camera is simply amazing and I can get in really close to show off details as well as the myriad of flaws on the kit. Flaws that I can see normally, but since I just wanted a quick build, I chose to neglect. The following pictures are closeup shots. Starting off with the recorder that was painted with the wood grain technique and the right hand showing off the little barrel mod.

And here is the left leg and then a few shots of the head without the light then with the lights on.

This was definitely a fun little build and only took a total of about two weeks to complete from start to finish inclusively. I’d definitely be interested in picking up another one of these kits to do some serious mods. There’s just so much potential with this kit as the base. I consider this kit akin to the ball in the versatility for mods and creativity.

Check out the complete build progress here:

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  1. Busterbeam

    your LED work is an inspiration

  2. twidjet69


    sorry to bother you, but this seems the only to contact you.
    I can log in but I’m unable to post in the forums or IM you to solve this. I tried the FAQ to no avail. can you help me out?

  3. Sonar

    Damn those LED’s are laser piercing sheet metal bright! Love your work Gam.

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