During one of the build gatherings at my house a couple of months ago, Sean F and the other folks at the “kiddy” table came up with the idea to create a “Gundam Bar”. The basic idea was to have standalone bases as bar sections that can connect to each other to form a much bigger length of bar. More information and pictures after the jump.


Upon further discussion, we decided to use the Kotobukia Mechanical Chain Bases as the bar base, and then limit the kit sizes to 1/144. Ideas flowed about the various poses, the bar counter tops, bartenders, n scale crew working on beer taps, etc etc. We have several people that have completed 1/144 kits for the bar; and several people that are still working on theirs.

Currently, we have three complete bar sections, and I have an order of an additional 6. The plan is to have as many bar pieces and 1/144 kits completed by the time Anime Expo 2008 rolls around, which is just shy of a full month away. So far we did some testing on the bases, and Sean F has done an incredible amount of work with designing the bar and creating the bar tops. Here are some more pictures with some 1/144s for size testing.


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  1. GMobile17

    LOL… oh that is wicked! Do they serve canned oil or guns and ammo. 😉

  2. Bunny

    ZOMG! I’m so excited about the bar! XD We were really bummed we had to miss last weekend. We were stuck at car dealers all day. ;_; I hate it when leases come up and you have to go buy a new car. Bleh. Had a horrid weekend because of it, but at least we got a new car. Heh. >_>

  3. GameraBaenre

    New cars are nice. The gathering was fairly small, it didn’t even warrant pictures or mentioning on the blog. At any given time, we had an average of 6 people over. People would leave, and others would come to replace them, it was rather odd. But I believe we were able to get a good amount of work done.

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