Shin Musha Gundam Completed!

I finally got off my ass to decal and paint the gun details finishing the bloody kit. With the wash, decals, and wood complement to the weapons, I think everything is fairly balanced. I enjoy exploring different paint techniques and doing stuff that’s different, of course, this usually means folks don’t care much for it. But I’m building for me, and no anyone else. Plus, I got to get the burning need to experiment with paint out of my system. I have a bunch of other projects that are on my plate, so with this sucker down, I can get back to focusing on the commission IJ and another commission kit I have in the queue.

shin_musha 001_jpg.jpg shin_musha 005_jpg.jpg


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MG ∞ Justice Commission part 6 and Shin Musha…

Back to work on the ∞ Justice, as the holidays were fairly busy for me hosting things and just dealing with typical holiday season fun. I guess if I wasn’t such a social douchbag, I could probably just lock myself in and do nothing but work on kits… but hell, I have a life. I’m not much of an atypical model building I guess. Anyways, now back to the daily grind. Below are a few pictures of the mold making process using silicon RTV. I need to make resin casts of the joints that broke on the kit.

ij_comm 074_jpg.jpg ij_comm 075_jpg.jpg


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