Morrigan has been completed for about three weeks now; in the middle of the family fun, I had quickly finished her up for OrangeCon. Not the greatest work, but I wanted to get at least one figure kit completed this year. But rewinding a bit to the week leading up to OrangeCon 2012, I still had small bits and pieces to paint. The main body was masked off for the final layers of paint.

Getting back to the face, the eyes were originally masked after the white base was painted so that the skin tones can be applied. With that dry, I used a .3mm mechanical pencil to draw in the eyes, using an eraser to clean up mistakes and redraw the eyes when necessary. Happy with the penciled in eyes, I used a rapidograph pen to ink in the eyes as well as the eyelashes. Once that is dry, I used enamel paints to mix a custom green eye color and then painted the iris colors into the eyes with a 000 paint brush. White reflection dots are added once the iris colors are dry. At this point, the eyes are left to dry for at least 24 -48 hours.

After the eyes are dry, the face is once again masked off leaving only the eyes exposed so that I can spray on a couple of quick coats of clear gloss. This helps levels out any bumps from the eye paints as well as gives the surface of the eyes a wet look.

Next up, work resumes on the legs. White based, skin toned, clear glossed, then decaled. With the decals set, another clear gloss is sprayed over everything. With the final clear gloss dry, clear purple is sprayed which is the last component of the build. Below are the last two progress pictures.

Hopefully I’ll get some time tonight to set up the backdrop and snap some completed pictures.

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