So, it Friday, and it is a bit slow at work right now, so wandering around the various places, Phishie’s blog, Tetsujin’s Blog, GundamJehutyKai’s Blog, and various other blogs and sites, I stumble on this fun little quiz from Gunpla Girl’s blog:

Which is just funny as all hell because I’m just a fat douchbag of a guy. Well, I am working out, so I guess once I return to my physique whence I was in the military, heh.. nothing but trouble can come from this…

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  1. dhcloud

    Bah.. that was a long flash heavy test. Too many black or white questions. I was surprised it was on Sundance’s website. I got something about the Midas Touch for my result…

  2. flim

    I got the midas touch too! :) arent we all just happy friendly moddelers… well except for Gam…

  3. "charlie"

    ha, not surprised you got that as your result.

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