Tonight, I again skipped out on the gym for the sake of finishing up Mr Evil. Most of the evening was spent masking the remaining parts for detail painting. Here is the end result of that.

tekkaman_evil_com 045_jpg.jpg

With the various masking techniques in place; tamiya masking tape, 3M blue painters tape (cheap stuff), parafilm M, and Mr Masking Sol (not for use with acrylic or enamel paints); the parts were then painted. The painting process was fairly quick. The rest of the red was then semi-gloss coated and I did some minor sub-assemblies.

The main body:

tekkaman_evil_com 046_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 047_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 048_jpg.jpg

And the other body parts:

tekkaman_evil_com 049_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 050_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 051_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 052_jpg.jpg

I’ll let these pieces cure for another day or two then put everything together this weekend and take pictures. Then send it along to the customer.

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  1. Brian Dunavant

    I don’t think it’s so much that Gamera wants to finish ths model. He’s just already looking for good excuses to skip the gym :)

  2. GameraBaenre

    Blah, I just want to get some cash so that I can buy a K&N Cold Air Intake kit for my car :D Plus, the model gathering is tomorrow AND I get to skip out on hitting the gym :P

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