I started clipping, sanding, and snapping the sucker a few weeks ago while I waited for paint to dry on the Tekkaman kit. I finished up the clipping, snapping and sanding this past weekend. Holy hell the thing is partsy. The last MG I built was the Zaku 2.0 and I thought that was partsy too. I feel I’m starting to get spoiled by HGUC 1/144 scale kits and resin kits as they’re not as parts intensive. Angel has been building his ∞ Justice in tandem, and finished before I did, but allowed me to snap some pictures with his kit.

ij_comm 003_jpg.jpg ij_comm 005_jpg.jpg

Here are a few more pictures of the kit at different angles. Very gimmicky with all the little transformeresque moving parts, the backpack is a kit in itself, and I really don’t think there are enough beam sabers for the kit [/sarcasm]. But it looks kinda cool. Not really my style, but I’m a whore and I’d pretty much do anything for money. I have a paint scheme from the customer, but I’m going to see about trying out a new technique, at least for the red areas. I’ll do some tests first on a separate test piece of plastic to see how that works before doing anything on the kit, and if successful, I’ll translate that over to the kit.

The next step is to break the kit down into sub sections and dunk the parts into some purple power to clean off all the plastic dust, oils from my fingers while building and playing with the damn thing, and other junk that prevents paint from sticking to the surface.

ij_comm 008_jpg.jpg ij_comm 010_jpg.jpg ij_comm 013_jpg.jpg

ij_comm 019_jpg.jpg ij_comm 018_jpg.jpg ij_comm 021_jpg.jpg

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