Hugo turned 5 years old yesterday. So as a little birthday gift, I gave him a nice beef rib to gnaw on. Now, of the two dogs, Hugo is much more food aggressive, and will bare his teeth, growl, and completely stiffen up when he feels his food is threatened. I’ve been messing with him to help him relax, but this is something in his personality. He knows he shouldn’t be aggressive, but his first reaction is to be defensive. Beanie on the other hand has absolutely no food aggressions. I can freely take things away from him and he doesn’t much react, just looks at me and wonders why I took his food, bone, treat, etc. Halloween is coming up too and Clementine bought them little costumes; a pumpkin and a bee.

halloween_corgis 012_jpg.jpg halloween_corgis 023_jpg.jpg halloween_corgis 040_jpg.jpg

So Hugo got the pumpkin costome and Beanie the Bee. They are not small dogs, just short legged dogs. Beanie is fairly stocky and long for a Corgi, so the Bee outfit really didn’t fit him. The little Velcro straps couldn’t close. It’s like a fatty trying to put on pants two sizes too small. Beanie doesn’t much care for costumes.

halloween_corgis 041_jpg.jpg

Hugo doesn’t mind, so long as he has something to chew on.

halloween_corgis 031_jpg.jpg halloween_corgis 034_jpg.jpg halloween_corgis 039_jpg.jpg

Being that the Bee costume didn’t fit Beanie, they swapped costumes and the Bee was placed on Hugo and Beanie got the pumpkin. The pumpkin outfit worked nicely on Beanie as the Velcro straps actually connected and he didn’t look like he was just trying to wear a pumpkin jacket. I think Hugo looks better in the bee costume since his fur is black so it sorta works.

halloween_corgis 051_jpg.jpg halloween_corgis 057_jpg.jpg

More pictures taken last night are here.

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