SD Nightengale Progress

So a few weeks ago, I started working on this project, then real life and general laziness took over as usual. The thing is littered with seams and there are a few spots where the molding process left some ugliness in the plastic. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed on this guy before I can even spray the first coats of primer. I haven’t even gotten the entire thing sanded and snapped. Little snags here and there are slowing the progress.


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Happy New Years!

Okay, with that over, time to post about the past week or so. My company has a shutdown for the holidays, so effectively, between Dec 25th through Jan 1st; I’m off, sorta. I did have two days that I volunteered to monitor my projects production systems and I actually worked on those two days, but the rest of the time was spent doing holiday stuff. I had picked up a new Olympus E-P2 Pen camera that arrived on Dec 21st; so all pictures on my site from this point on will be a product of that camera. The camera arrived just in time for the holidays. Family and friend gatherings, as well as a little road trip up to Northern California. I snapped some new pictures of my corgis. And I was even able to squeeze some time in for work on a kit, the BearGuy. If you want to skip the post about my trip and go straight to the small blurb about the Bearguy, click here.


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Velvet, a Bong, and some Duke Videos….

A small update with some work on the Velvet kit. The process of priming, putty, sanding, and repriming continues. A cast iron surface texture is applied to the chain. I helped out a friend with a home made bong, and also posted up some videos of Duke playing with Hugo, Beanie, and a towel.


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The Duke Von Barkenstein makes an appearence…

Terry, Sam, and drove 5 miles out to the corgi breeder’s home in Anaheim Hills to pick up Duke this morning. He’s about 6 lbs and is just shy of 9 weeks old. And he’s frigging adorable. We chatted with the breeder for a short bit before driving the 11 minutes back to the house and just having fun forcing Beanie and Hugo to be social with their newly born distant cousin.


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