Terry, Sam, and drove 5 miles out to the corgi breeder’s home in Anaheim Hills to pick up Duke this morning. He’s about 6 lbs and is just shy of 9 weeks old. And he’s frigging adorable. We chatted with the breeder for a short bit before driving the 11 minutes back to the house and just having fun forcing Beanie and Hugo to be social with their newly born distant cousin.

Beanie is definitely a little more open to making new friends than Hugo. Hugo just sulked in the corner and ignored us for the most part. He has a tough time adjusting to new four legged animals that come into the house. He loves the two legged variety, but not so much with quadrupeds. Beanie was being friendly, but still shy and submissive when Duke becomes a little too aggressive.

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Today was also a surprise engagement part for Angel and Nicky; so Terry and I headed over there and brought along Duke. Since Nicky wanted to see the puppy, but didn’t know we were going to be at Angel’s parent’s house, this was an added surprise for them. Rock band was started, and Duke got non stop attention from everyone; including me.

Tired and utterly beat, Duke finds little areas to take his puppy naps. And of course, the superman pose..

More pictures are here: http://gamerabaenre.com/

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  1. Jean

    Dude, Duke is adorable!

    So cute, I would like to hug him too… :p

  2. charlie

    ADORABLE!!!!!! (referring to Duke,, not you Clem)

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