Checking out the local wave conditions, the water looked to be getting fairly calm. It’s been a little while since I last went diving, and tonight I’ll be on a flight out to the Baltimore for Otakon – so I took the opportunity to dive yesterday after work.

Visibility wasn’t all the great in comparison to the last few dives. About 8-10 feel visibility.

From my last dive, I lost one of the rubber stops inside my camera case that works the power button. Additionally, the fiber optic cable that connects the camera case to the strobe unit also broke. So before the dive, I spent some time fixing the camera case with a piece of silicon that I have left over from the resin casting mold making process. I trimmed the piece down and put it into the case and it works perfectly. Next up, the fiber optic cable needed to be retrimmed and polished then placed into the connection joints for the cable. It was a pretty easy fix; and both these fixes were made easier due to the model building tools I have at my disposal.

And in the water, both the strobe and camera work perfectly fine. I got to Shaw’s cove at about 6:15 pm, and was fully suited up by 6:30. I saw two other divers entering the water, but during my entire dive, I saw no one. I was underwater for a full hour and fifteen minutes, with about 700 lbs of air left in the tank when I finished the dive. Although visibility kinda sucked, it was great to get back into the water. The water temperature was very nice, about 67 degrees at 25 feet.

Here are some pictures of fish.

Shell fish and an anemone.

Sea stars.

Picture of the sky as I finished the dive.

More pictures here:

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