Today, I hit treasure island with a couple of friends. However, I was only able to dive for a total combined time of about 20 minutes, and I had about 1.5k lbs of air left in my tank. The guys I was diving with were having problems. One had mask problems which was leaking water, and another was just getting tired trying to follow me towards the reef. I got in a few pictures as this was the first time I got to dive this spot during the day. We got in right at high tide and there was a very strong surge in comparison to previous dives at this location. But I did manage to get a few decent pictures. THe first picture which is the picture above is my first snap of a Nudibranch which is a marine snail. The actual size of the animal was about 10 mm or so; very small, but damn cool to see.

Here are a few more pictures taken in the short time I was there. It was a cloudy day; but I was still able to see some sea stars and a school of fish.

scuba_10_27_07-002.jpg scuba_10_27_07-004.jpg scuba_10_27_07-005.jpg scuba_10_27_07-006.jpg

The following pictures were taken at Palos Verdes off White’s Point. The waves were coming in at 7 ft, and as far as the eyes can see, there are sharp rocks. We were here last weekend, but was absolutely unable to make a safe entry, so we left. This prompted me to purchase diving boots with actual soles as opposed to the beach boots we’ve been using. We will make a return to PV for a dive experience in a different environment, and hopefully when the waves are much MUCH calmer.

scuba_10_27_07-003.jpg scuba_10_27_07-009.jpg scuba_10_27_07-010.jpg

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