Sep 092008

I picked up a new camera set up on Monday.

new_camera 033_jpg.jpg new_camera 047_jpg.jpg new_camera 044_jpg.jpg

Since I’ll be leaving for Jamaica Thursday night, and with my SCUBA gear, I needed a new camera setup to replace my old setup which became utterly useless a few months ago when it up and died. So I got a nice little deal from a friend that works the local dive shop I use. For my budget, this is the perfect setup and it should be sufficient for me to get more accustomed to underwater photography – then if the hobby gets more involved, I can invest in something better…. But for now, here is the setup and a few more pictures of the monsters and a picture of my dinner tonight. At the very least, I’m able to take very clear pictures of them now.

new_camera 034_jpg.jpg new_camera 028_jpg.jpg new_camera 035_jpg.jpg new_camera 038_jpg.jpg

More pictures of my attempt to blind the little monsters here.

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  1. Nice how the flash and the wideangle work together… really puts the attention in the picture and i love how the sort of vignetting works to give it depth… Nice!

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