Nov 072016

We are 6 days and counting until SCGMC 2016! And I just finished this little bugger! Not the best work, but it was fun to get a fairly quick build done. Last time I updated was right before a business trip to Toronto; so I’ve just been focused on getting the damn thing done. This would have been done a little bit sooner, but we recently added another corgi to the army. But his cuteness and all that happy jazz will slip in here and there so that the girls reading this over their guy’s monitors can all scream kawaii!!!! So there will be little corg interruption throughout the rest of this post.

There was quite a bit of work on the Saz since the last update. I’ve been doing more pictorial updates from the potato camera posted up on our TGG FB page so the little corgi addition is really at fault for the lack of a proper intermediate update. But here it is finally, and it’s also done! SCGMC, here we come!

Now this handsome fellow is Bob the Corgi. The site is basically a skeleton for the little bugger as we watch him grow and annoy the shit out of Hugo and Ken. He was born September 1st and we picked him up on Oct 27; which coincidentally is Hugo’s birthday. I don’t think he was overly happy with his 13th year birthday present.

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Oct 132013

Yesterday, we headed out to Huntington Dog Beach for one of the several beach day’s the group Corgi Nation hosts. Since we have three of the little monsters, we decided that we definitely needed to go. Terry is in Hawaii this week, so we dropped by his place and kidnapped Duke and brought him along. I forgot to bring my camera, but we have our phones.


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Jun 022011

It’s been a fairly busy couple of weeks. This will be a mixed bag of things for this post. I’ll cover a little bit of the May build gathering over at Funaka’s house, my Memorial Day weekend trip out to Arizona, the recent addition of another corgi to my family, and some Anime Expo 2011 updates.

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Jul 122009

Terry, Sam, and drove 5 miles out to the corgi breeder’s home in Anaheim Hills to pick up Duke this morning. He’s about 6 lbs and is just shy of 9 weeks old. And he’s frigging adorable. We chatted with the breeder for a short bit before driving the 11 minutes back to the house and just having fun forcing Beanie and Hugo to be social with their newly born distant cousin.

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