So a few weeks ago, I started working on this project, then real life and general laziness took over as usual. The thing is littered with seams and there are a few spots where the molding process left some ugliness in the plastic. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed on this guy before I can even spray the first coats of primer. I haven’t even gotten the entire thing sanded and snapped. Little snags here and there are slowing the progress.

Back to the mono eye the top sections of the piece is glued into place and the area around the metal collar is painted black. I still need to go over some of the missed areas to completely fill in the little leaks of light. The top of the head has a section of the mono eye assembly sticking out that acts as either an on switch or to move the mono eye. I’m fix posing the mono eye and this piece was glued and the excess cut. Putty is applied over the area and will be sanded smooth to remove any evidence that there was a hole here.

Here is a part of the kit where the molding process left a bad dent. These are normal in models, however, bandai has gotten so good with their engineering that modelers are utterly spoiled, shake the box and the kit comes out completely built type mentality.

And then in a bid to get me to work on my kits, Hugo decides that he’s going to help. Yes, silly Hugo pictures are always a must.

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