The June model build gathering for a number of us saw very little building. Considering that the past couple of build gatherings have had some fairly heavy non stop building; the group of us felt like just hanging out and relaxing for this gathering. The build started off slow, but we got a few new folks for the gathering. I did get about three or so pieces sanded before the alcohol started flowing. With Duke over; Kenken as our new addition to the household; and Latte, Nathan’s puppy who is Kenken’s little brother, the house was up to 5 corgis.

A few weeks ago, I picked up one of those SD Nightengale kits made by the Model Comprehend, a company in China that take resin sculpted non Bandai sanctioned kits and reproduces them in injection plastic. The seam design isn’t the greatest as there are tons of seams along major areas of details, but the quality of the kit is fairly nice. It comes with an LED for the mono eye. I spent some time prior to the build gathering gluing all the major two piece parts together. And since haven’t really worked on the kit. During the gathering, I got a few of the parts sanded and today, I replaced the green LED that came with the kit for a blue one as I’m going to try a metallic purple color scheme.

Some folks were hungry around 4, so we fired up the grill and cooked up some burgers that Su-eun brought over. And at about 5 or so, Terry and Angel were already drunk. Some of the new folks hung out with us as we enjoyed the day. Around 6:45 or so, Yuki and I headed out to our tango class. We had missed the previous week, and were going to miss the next week so we wanted to at least get some practice before we lose everything we’ve learned thus far. Originally, we had moved to the intermediate level which would have required that we stayed until 9 or 10; but since I had the folks over for the build gathering, we headed back at 8. Back at the house, Nathan had come over and was wondering if we could feed all the corgis at the same time, so we attempted the fun little feat.

The grill was fired back up as a very drunk Dan was screaming about being hungry. Angel helped grill the carne asada. The chicken that Jeff and friends brought was precooked in the oven before we put them on the grill to finish cooking. That fed the majority of the folks. I had prepared some yakitori so a small group of us hung out in the backyard with my little grill and slowly enjoyed the mixture of skewered bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, chicken hearts and gizzards, chicken thighs, pork belly, bacon wrapped quail eggs, and chicken skin. Maggie, Nathan’s girlfriend helped with the cooking and we spent the majority of the night hanging in the backyard grilling and eating stick meat.

Plans to play rockband failed as everyone was too drunk or just passed out. Some model building was done, but a group of us barely touched our models. It was a very unproductive build gathering, especially since AX was coming up in a few weeks; b ut it was a damn fun and relaxing build gathering. We still need to focus on getting our GM diorama base built, so hopefully we’ll get around to that at the next gathering… hopefully.

On another note, a small group of us were tasked by the local gunpla distributor to work on fixing up a 7ft tall roughly 500 lb Gundam Unicorn, Destroy Mode, display statue made of wood. There is one of these in Hong Kong, and as far as I know, this is the second one, so I’m not sure if there is a third. The kit as impressive as it is in it’s size, is rather plain. So the group of us will be doing a few things to enhance the look of the display. More updates on the sucker will appear as we progress. But for now, we’re laying down the first layers of clear gloss.

For the rest of the pictures taken these last two days, check out the gallery below.

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