Unicorn… again…but at least some GMs got done

Last week, I got a call from the local distributor, he needs some work done on the Unicorn statue. It’s been to several cons this past summer and over the travels to the various events, it has gotten a little beaten up here and there. One carrier even opened the sucker up in mid-freight exposing it to sunlight which yellowed a great deal of spots. This time, the beast was delivered to Funaka’s house so that we could work on it. In other news, I’ve been slipping in the last bits and pieces of work needed for the GM squad. It’s been a damn crazy busy week. I didn’t even have time this weekend save Friday to spray on the first layer of clear flat onto the parts.


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Model Build Gathering 48

The June model build gathering for a number of us saw very little building. Considering that the past couple of build gatherings have had some fairly heavy non stop building; the group of us felt like just hanging out and relaxing for this gathering. The build started off slow, but we got a few new folks for the gathering. I did get about three or so pieces sanded before the alcohol started flowing. With Duke over; Kenken as our new addition to the household; and Latte, Nathan’s puppy who is Kenken’s little brother, the house was up to 5 corgis.


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