So I have every other Friday off. I just have to work an extra hour per day, but its a nice deal, for a small sacrifice. A couple of friends came over and we headed out to the local bar and grill: Hero’s. There are about 150 or so beers on tap there, and below I have a picture of the tap list. A couple of us have acquiesced to hitting all the beers on the list as a “scientific” experiment to see which ones taste the best… I had a large Cherry Wheat, which is pretty interesting. It was like a blending of grenadine and wheat… pretty good… not a bad start. Side note for future reference, an order of the nachos can feed a full table….

heros 001_jpg.jpg heros 007_jpg.jpg heros 009_jpg.jpg

In other news, I did manage to get a small amount of work on the IJ. The painted armo
r pieces were pulled and placed into boxes for storage while I work on the other parts. And I got some of the metallics painted.

ij_comm 052_jpg.jpg ij_comm 053_jpg.jpg

Mitch came over to help me with some silicon molding of some of the IJ’s parts. I will be doing some detailing for the skirt areas on the kit so I need resin casts. Below is a picture of the silicon mold while it’s curing.

ij_comm 057_jpg.jpg

The metallics. All the pieces got the gloss black base paint treatment. Most of the thruster tips were painted with Finisher’s Titanium thinned with Gaia Notes Metallic thinner. The jet internals and backpack wing jets were painted with Alclad II Jet Exhaust. The rest of the thruster tips were painted with Alclad Polished aluminum as well as the detail “green” pieces of the kit. I will be applying a clear green on those parts later. The neck and lower torso pieces were sprayed with Alclad II Steel. Next up will be the internals and the rest of the exterior armor painting.

ij_comm 054_jpg.jpg ij_comm 055_jpg.jpg ij_comm 056_jpg.jpg

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