Last night I got through the marbling with the sponge. Here are some pictures of the finished parts with a heavy gloss coat applied to the surface. I also took a couple of quick videos of the process to add on the advanced paint techniques tutorial page at a later date.

ij_comm 045_jpg.jpg ij_comm 047_jpg.jpg

With the gloss black cured, the first layer of Finisher’s Bright Red is sponged on and allowed to dry. A lighter sponging of Mr Color Wine Red was then applied. This was allowed to dry for about an hour or so; then wet sanded using a 6,000 grit sanding mesh. Once everything was sanded, a couple of heavy gloss coats are sprayed on to finish the parts.

ij_comm 041_jpg.jpg ij_comm 042_jpg.jpg ij_comm 044_jpg.jpg ij_comm 049_jpg.jpg

Here are the videos for sponging the Bright Red:

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And here is the video with the quick stamping of the Wine Red:

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  1. Jean


    You always raise the bar by adding new things to the pool!


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